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Woman completing in store sales transaction and client discovery
While generating new leads should always be a priority, there are ways you can make the process more efficient so you can spend less time writing emails and more time building your empire. 
UX Designer diving into books on developing her Leadership Alter Ego
Starting a whole new venture from scratch is certainly no walk in the park. Every day, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone. You will have to confront new obstacles that you won’t know how to handle and tackle problems that you haven’t been trained to deal with.
Small team meeting and using computer display
If you feel like Dropbox isn’t making the grade and you’re on the hunt for a cloud storage alternative that’s suitable for your organization, I’ve rounded up five Dropbox alternatives for small teams that could surely do the job.
Businessman walking stairs alone and tired
Naturally, building a business requires a lot of long days and sacrifices. But if all your hard work isn’t paying off, then you might need to change your approach. Here are some key signs that your business isn’t sustainable and what you can do about it.
Laptop, book and cup on desk
The thing is – that laptop needs to work seamlessly. You need to be able to connect as though you’re sitting directly in your office, despite feeling like another world away.