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Squarespace provides a flexible platform for small to medium business owners who provide services or a few products.  The hosting and code are maintained for you, which eases the management overhead of your site.  With the right support and guidance, you can create and maintain a professional and effective tool for your firm.

There are limitations, which is not a bad thing.  This keeps your web project in check.  You should consider Squarespace if you plan to provide basic information about your firm’s services and ways to contact you.  If you want to schedule appointments, Squarespace has an integrated service called Scheduling and also supports third-party calendar integrations.  If you have a few products or services to sell on your site, you can do this too on the platform.  Finally, if your content marketing strategy and the editorial calendar have bi-weekly or monthly posts (articles), then Squarespace is a great platform to use.



When you should not use Squarespace

First, if you want the ability to fully customize your site, this is not the platform for you.  The strength of Squarespace is its limitations, forcing you to “paint inside the lines” and use the standard features, templates, and application integrations to get your site running and consistently maintained.

If your content strategy is robust, weekly to daily posts (articles) then WordPress is a much better choice.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a much stronger feature on WordPress than Squarespace.  If SEO is an important part of your lead generation strategy, then you may want to consider WordPress as an alternative.

Firms that plan to rely heavily on ecommerce and will require events, various service types, a lot of products, product variations, shipping options, logistics, or inventory management, should consider Shopify, or WooCommerce with WordPress for their site platform.


Project Planning

Before we can build your website, we will need to collect your branding, copywriting, graphics, and photography.  A review of your required integrations and site functions is necessary.  The first step is developing a strategy for your new site, determining the tasks you want your site to accomplish, what audiences are going to be served by your site, and creating robust, detailed brand guidelines to properly represent your firm.

Of course, our team can guide you through this whole process.  Contact us!


We support existing Squarespace site owners with maintenance and training.  Clients with new site projects rely on us for development, support, and guidance from initial concept to delivery on the Squarespace platform.  Two of our recent launches for firms can be seen here:

  • Squarespace Web Development

  • Squarespace Web Maintenance

  • Squarespace SEO

  • Squarespace Training

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