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How We Helped Author Claire E. Knowles Launch a Bestselling Book

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Claire E. Knowles


Product Launch


January 20, 2014


Writing a book is a huge undertaking, but the work doesn’t stop after you type your last page.

The next big step is the launch. How you announce your new work to the world can either make you or break you.

Claire E. Knowles is a speaker, consultant and the author of two Amazon bestselling books – “Lights On! a Reflective Journey” and “Can You See Them Now?“.

After finishing her first book, she quickly learned that there was a lot she needed to do to get her work into a bestseller category.

“I needed to have a website for my book and I needed to have a complete landing page set up that had all the links to download for the day of the launch,” says Claire. “I needed it done and I needed it in a hurry.”

At the time, she already had someone to assist her with her website but she, “always felt like something was missing.” A colleague referred her to Wins and they clicked right away. She felt confident that he would be able to get the work done and stick to her tight timeline.

“Wins took a look at it and he said, ‘We’re going to do this,’ says Claire. “He went at it full throttle.”

Right away, Wins got to work developing a website and landing page for her first book. He also helped her develop a strategy for her book launch and business as a whole. Within 36 hours of launching, her first book, Lights On!, became an Amazon bestseller.

“I needed a successful book launch to have an Amazon bestseller. I would never be where I am today without Wins.”

Since then, Claire has been able to leverage the success of her first book into more speaking engagements, consulting work and opportunities to host workshops. Wins also supported the launch of her second book, which also became an Amazon bestseller.

“If I need something, he understands me and moves forward,” says Claire. “Even if I can’t explain the technical language of what I’m having problems with, he cuts right to the chase and figures it out and gets it fixed.”

Overall, Claire thoroughly enjoyed her experience working Wins and says she would go back to him in a heartbeat. She really admired the expertise he brought to the project and praises his credibility and integrity.

“What he says he’s going to do, he did.”

She would highly recommend him for any business owner looking to revamp their website or launch a new product or service.

“It’s because of him that we have a presence,” says Claire. “Because a person like Wins could take the best of me and present it in a way that appeals to our audience.”


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